• 5 Ways to sell your house faster

    5 ways to make your home sell faster

    As the various May Bank Holidays head our way people start to think about selling their house. The lighter nights and sunny Spring days seem to trigger a change. However they can also show up the things that may put off a potential buyer. Hopefully this blog post will give you some ideas to maximise your property and get it sold and quickly.

    One of our early blog posts <<link here>>> dealt with the structural things you should look at fixing. This deals with a term much bandied about by the likes of Kirsty and Phil and Ms Beeny – staging. The following points will help you stage your house and get those buyers ready to buy.

    1 Simple beginnings

    A good place to start before you rush off to IKEA for a plate of meatballs and some soft furnishings called Kushuns, is to start by walking round your house. Start from the gate and follow the journey your buyer will take, hopefully the route you have set up to best show off your house. We all have that one friend who is blunt with their opinion, ask them if they would do the same and give you some feedback.

    This will probably show up a couple of things which could be detrimental to the sale of your house. Firstly, the ‘clutter of your everyday life’ – we all have it – and secondly, some areas that could do with a deep clean and possibly a lick of paint.

    2 Clean and paint

    We’re not suggesting you redecorate your whole house but there are a few quick and easy things you can do to improve your chances of a sale. We’re pretty sure that one of the first things you will have noticed on your walk around is the front door. If its a painted door give it a nice new glossy coat of paint. Don’t go for anything too strong in colour, unless it is in keeping with the house or the area, choose something classic and neutral.

    If you have a double glazed front door give it a good scrub with something non-abrasive. There are some excellent caravan cleaners which work a treat on uPVC. Whilst you are at the front door don’t forget the step, mats and porch if you have them. Nothing says neglected property like a threadbare welcome mat or a porch you can barely move in.

    If any of your rooms are on the small side or painted with a dark colour or north facing, give the walls a quick coat of a bright neutral colour, a slightly warm shade if you are painting a north facing room.

    This will always make a room look bigger and brighter, it also allows buyers the chance to better visualise the space.

    Finally, give the bathroom a clean, especially the grouting and shower tray.

    3 De-clutter

    Now you can get on to staging. De-cluttering doesn’t mean putting your personality in to storage, it does mean having a little less of it on view though. Anything you don’t use regularly put it in the loft or ask friends and family to store it. If there’s a lot of it then consider the short term rental of one of the ‘storage boxes’ that have sprung up all over.

    Buyers need to see what the house would look like if they were living there, cleaning your clutter allows them to see the room in all its glory.

    However don’t take out your personality, you’re not making it into a hotel, think more show home with some of your possessions added. Adding your lifestyle helps any potential buyer visualise their lifestyle in the space.

    4 Bringing it all together

    Now here’s the nice bit – time to add those finishing touches.

    Light is great at making a space feel bigger than it is, so try adding lights, particularly to dark corners. In smaller spaces consider adding some simple mirrors, especially useful in narrow hallways.

    Put fresh flowers in some of your rooms and an attractive bowl of fruit on the kitchen work surface. Whilst you are in the kitchen make some coffee or bake [make sure you tidy before they arrive], if you don’t bake, put the oven on a gentle heat and add a splash of vanilla essence to a baking tray – smells like you’ve just finished baking.

    And whilst we are talking pleasant smells don’t forget the less pleasant ones. Remove things such as pet food bowls and cat litter trays and empty the bins. If there’s a smoker in the house, bowls of vinegar work a treat but it does take a few days to work.

    If buyers are visiting at night during the colder months use some warm, reasonably bright, light-bulbs and light a fire if you have one or candles in place of a fire. Help them visualise how warm and cosy it would be to come home here after a long day at work.

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  • We love Mondays!

    In fact we love all 365 days but what can you do with 130 days?
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    So Reside can not only get you in to your dream home but we can give you an extra 130 days in which to enjoy it. With this gift of time maybe we should put Jason forward as the next Doctor Who!
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  • Life in Marland and Castleton

    Castleton and more so Marland, are often seen as no more than places you drive through; going to Heywood in the case of Marland and Middleton and beyond for Castleton. However, as with much of Rochdale, there is far more than meets the eye.

    Again, as with a lot of Rochdale, you are never far away from lovely green spaces. Walking distance will see you in the lovely Springfield Park, which is great for a family picnic or just sitting and it hosts some great events during the year. You can also take a walk along the towpath of the newly restored, historic, Rochdale Canal and check out the history of the Blue Pits which used to produce naturally blue clay. If you want more of a ‘day out’ walk, then you can yomp your way the scenic route to Tandle Hill Park!


    Sunny Springfield Park Rochdale

    With great communications, you can easily catch the train and tram to Hollingworth Lake or further afield to Didsbury or Leeds. With the M62 motorway so close, as well as great bus and train services, makes the area a great place to live for commuters.


    The housing is a typical Rochdalian mixture of Victorian with pockets of newer build, It really is a great mix with something for everyone from first time buyers to more established families. Although Castleton dates back to the Domesday Book, it was the site of Rochdale Castle, and it has a beautiful Gothic church, it is not an area to live in the past.

    All the amenities you need are here, whether leisure or retail therapy, there’s something for everyone. There are lots of independent shops or larger supermarkets and the All in One garden centre is a stone’s throw away.

    For leisure there are two golf courses, swimming pool and the aforementioned parks and canal. If golf isn’t your thing then you can enjoy rugby, soccer, bowling and even indoor karting and there are plenty of activities for the younger ones.


    As you would expect of anywhere in Rochdale you’re not short of a range of different pubs and cafes.

    If you want something more substantial to eat or a place for a celebration then the area is well served with a range of dining options. The Royal Toby is always a favourite as is Cenetta or Success to the Plough.

    Castleton also is home to a fabulous 4 star hotel, the Norton Grange, which is not only a great place to stay but has great food.

    There are always some great value houses of all sizes in the area and we are always adding new.

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    Make 2017 the year you look at Marland and Castleton in a new light.

  • Life in Norden and Bamford

    It seems that even people from outside the area have heard of Norden and Bamford, in many people’s eyes Bamford is the home of big houses and famous people. Whilst it’s had it’s fair share living and entertaining themselves in the area – 10CC, Anna Friel, Lisa Stansfield amongst others if we must name drop – the area is so much more than that.

    Norden and Bamford are both right on the doorstep of some beautiful countryside. Great for family walks or outdoor sports like mountain biking, horse riding and running being popular. Ashworth Valley provides some lovely walks along Naden Brook – reputedly once the home to over 200 working water mills, you can still see the evidence of some. If you want amazing views go high up out of Norden to Greenbooth Reservoir for stunning views back over Rochdale, Manchester, Cheshire and on a good day Jodrell Bank.


    From the outside it’s hard to find where Norden stops and Bamford starts [or vice versa], if you live there you ‘just know’ and the locals all have their own views. Whatever the geography, broadly speaking Norden tends to be for younger families and Bamford for the older families, of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

    The area does have great amenities, with great schools, medical facilities and leisure on your doorstep. It also boasts a great selection of independent retailers, pubs and restaurants as well as some up and coming cafes. The main areas are Oulder Hill shops, Bamford Precinct, Norden Village and the nearby Cutgate Precinct.


    If you’re looking for places to eat or have drink with friends The Elephant and Castle, The Crimble or slightly further afield, Nutters will all serve you well. We’d need a whole directory just to name them all.


    If you’re looking for leisure and entertainment then there’s Rochdale Golf Club with Oulder Hill Leisure Complex and the Gracie Fields Theatre all within easy reach.

    It’s definitely worth checking out some of the amazing properties we have in the area and we are always adding new. Reside Estate Agency are somewhat specialists in the area and one of the biggest agencies serving Norden and Bamford, at anyone time we have a third of all the property for sale in the area and most sell within 6 weeks.

    Just go to our website


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    Make 2017 the year you move into one of these great areas.

  • Springhill Hospice Business Buddies

    Here at Reside we are thrilled to have partnered with Springhill Hospice to become one of their Business Buddies.

    We wanted to join this excellent scheme because here at Reside we are huge believers in being active members of our local community. We take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and over the next 12 months you’ll see the other things we are getting involved with to add to our community.

    However, this isn’t a blog post to pat ourselves on the back, it is intended to bring Springhill Hospice and all the amazing work they do to your attention.

    It still surprises us that more people haven’t heard of the Hospice as it is such an integral part of care in the Rochdale area. Although we appreciate that they can only do so much marketing and promotion with the limited budgets they have.

    It takes around £8000 per day for the Hospice to function and whilst they do get some of their budget from the NHS the remainder has to come from fundraising. That’s where we’d like you to come in.

    There are many ways they raise funds so there are many ways you can get involved and they’re not all ‘tin rattling’ either.

    Next time you fancy a cake and a cup of tea why not visit the Tea Rooms, have afternoon tea and know that you are helping the Hospice. Maybe you could join in the Hospice Lottery or fundraise for them yourself. Maybe the next step from there would be to register as volunteer, who knows you may have what they need to become a Trustee.


    If you are a business owner consider becoming a Business Buddy as we and others have done.

    Whatever you do, please try and get involved, it’s not for the staff but the patients and their families. You’re making a difference to their lives not the Hospice, so go on, help out, you never know if you’ll need them one day.

  • Welcome to our new blog

    Hi and welcome to our new blog and news pages. Here you can find out new properties, information on selling and letting your property, state of the market, mortgage advice. In short all the advice and information you need if you are thinking of buying, selling or letting a property in the Rochdale area.

    Each week myself and my team will be posting articles and information we know will be useful to you. We will also be posting on Twitter and Facebook for the faster moving stuff such as ‘Property of the day’ or recent successful sales.
    With the market every changing with Brexit and record low interest rates now, more than ever, it is important for buyer’s, sellers and landlords to have the latest information to hand. Here we will make sure you have all the relevant information without some of the nonsense that so often goes with it in the press.

    Don’t forget that in this age of social media where we Tweet and Facebook and Instagram you can still give us a call or pop-in for a chat and a coffee.

    So if you’re in the market to sell or let please give us a call and find out what the Reside effect can do for your property.