• Life in Marland and Castleton

    Castleton and more so Marland, are often seen as no more than places you drive through; going to Heywood in the case of Marland and Middleton and beyond for Castleton. However, as with much of Rochdale, there is far more than meets the eye.

    Again, as with a lot of Rochdale, you are never far away from lovely green spaces. Walking distance will see you in the lovely Springfield Park, which is great for a family picnic or just sitting and it hosts some great events during the year. You can also take a walk along the towpath of the newly restored, historic, Rochdale Canal and check out the history of the Blue Pits which used to produce naturally blue clay. If you want more of a ‘day out’ walk, then you can yomp your way the scenic route to Tandle Hill Park!


    Sunny Springfield Park Rochdale

    With great communications, you can easily catch the train and tram to Hollingworth Lake or further afield to Didsbury or Leeds. With the M62 motorway so close, as well as great bus and train services, makes the area a great place to live for commuters.


    The housing is a typical Rochdalian mixture of Victorian with pockets of newer build, It really is a great mix with something for everyone from first time buyers to more established families. Although Castleton dates back to the Domesday Book, it was the site of Rochdale Castle, and it has a beautiful Gothic church, it is not an area to live in the past.

    All the amenities you need are here, whether leisure or retail therapy, there’s something for everyone. There are lots of independent shops or larger supermarkets and the All in One garden centre is a stone’s throw away.

    For leisure there are two golf courses, swimming pool and the aforementioned parks and canal. If golf isn’t your thing then you can enjoy rugby, soccer, bowling and even indoor karting and there are plenty of activities for the younger ones.


    As you would expect of anywhere in Rochdale you’re not short of a range of different pubs and cafes.

    If you want something more substantial to eat or a place for a celebration then the area is well served with a range of dining options. The Royal Toby is always a favourite as is Cenetta or Success to the Plough.

    Castleton also is home to a fabulous 4 star hotel, the Norton Grange, which is not only a great place to stay but has great food.

    There are always some great value houses of all sizes in the area and we are always adding new.

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    Make 2017 the year you look at Marland and Castleton in a new light.

  • Life in Norden and Bamford

    It seems that even people from outside the area have heard of Norden and Bamford, in many people’s eyes Bamford is the home of big houses and famous people. Whilst it’s had it’s fair share living and entertaining themselves in the area – 10CC, Anna Friel, Lisa Stansfield amongst others if we must name drop – the area is so much more than that.

    Norden and Bamford are both right on the doorstep of some beautiful countryside. Great for family walks or outdoor sports like mountain biking, horse riding and running being popular. Ashworth Valley provides some lovely walks along Naden Brook – reputedly once the home to over 200 working water mills, you can still see the evidence of some. If you want amazing views go high up out of Norden to Greenbooth Reservoir for stunning views back over Rochdale, Manchester, Cheshire and on a good day Jodrell Bank.


    From the outside it’s hard to find where Norden stops and Bamford starts [or vice versa], if you live there you ‘just know’ and the locals all have their own views. Whatever the geography, broadly speaking Norden tends to be for younger families and Bamford for the older families, of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

    The area does have great amenities, with great schools, medical facilities and leisure on your doorstep. It also boasts a great selection of independent retailers, pubs and restaurants as well as some up and coming cafes. The main areas are Oulder Hill shops, Bamford Precinct, Norden Village and the nearby Cutgate Precinct.


    If you’re looking for places to eat or have drink with friends The Elephant and Castle, The Crimble or slightly further afield, Nutters will all serve you well. We’d need a whole directory just to name them all.


    If you’re looking for leisure and entertainment then there’s Rochdale Golf Club with Oulder Hill Leisure Complex and the Gracie Fields Theatre all within easy reach.

    It’s definitely worth checking out some of the amazing properties we have in the area and we are always adding new. Reside Estate Agency are somewhat specialists in the area and one of the biggest agencies serving Norden and Bamford, at anyone time we have a third of all the property for sale in the area and most sell within 6 weeks.

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