• Springhill Hospice Business Buddies

    Here at Reside we are thrilled to have partnered with Springhill Hospice to become one of their Business Buddies.

    We wanted to join this excellent scheme because here at Reside we are huge believers in being active members of our local community. We take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and over the next 12 months you’ll see the other things we are getting involved with to add to our community.

    However, this isn’t a blog post to pat ourselves on the back, it is intended to bring Springhill Hospice and all the amazing work they do to your attention.

    It still surprises us that more people haven’t heard of the Hospice as it is such an integral part of care in the Rochdale area. Although we appreciate that they can only do so much marketing and promotion with the limited budgets they have.

    It takes around £8000 per day for the Hospice to function and whilst they do get some of their budget from the NHS the remainder has to come from fundraising. That’s where we’d like you to come in.

    There are many ways they raise funds so there are many ways you can get involved and they’re not all ‘tin rattling’ either.

    Next time you fancy a cake and a cup of tea why not visit the Tea Rooms, have afternoon tea and know that you are helping the Hospice. Maybe you could join in the Hospice Lottery or fundraise for them yourself. Maybe the next step from there would be to register as volunteer, who knows you may have what they need to become a Trustee.


    If you are a business owner consider becoming a Business Buddy as we and others have done.

    Whatever you do, please try and get involved, it’s not for the staff but the patients and their families. You’re making a difference to their lives not the Hospice, so go on, help out, you never know if you’ll need them one day.