• Three simple tips to quickly letting your property

    Letting your property can be a stressful business, especially if you are new to letting. This often leads to landlords rushing the process and taking on the first tenant who crosses their path. STOP!

    It’s not the only answer to getting your property let quickly and having reliable tenants. Picking the wrong tenant can cause many problems further down the line, which is why having a professional lettings company on your side can really help.


    Use a professional lettings agency

    Picking the right estate agency from the start can make all the difference to your lettings experience and save you heartache and possible legal action in the future. Getting Reside on board from the beginning means we can bring all our experience to bear on things such as vetting your tenants, making sure you are on the correct side of the law and that your property is up to current standards. If there are any problems we will highlight them before they become a problem and guide you to a successful and profitable let for your property.

    We are also the experts when it comes to marketing property. We can be open when ‘you’re not’ and are able to do guided viewings which also gives us a good chance to explore the tenants further. We market across all channels extensively which includes using social media to get the maximum amount of viewers for your property and achieving it’s market value.

    Don’t forget we are here to help with your let from day one so we can do inventories, collect rents, arrange maintenance – we do as much or as little as you wish, our lettings service is completely bespoke.

    With Reside you get a quick let, for the best yield and complete peace of mind.


    Maximise your property

    Letting a property in many ways is no different to selling one. It needs to have kerb appeal that means prospective tenants can ‘see themselves’ living there. It maybe worth having a look at our blog post on 5 Tips to selling your home – you can find it here.

    Most tenants won’t be able to modify the property so they need to see that it is just the place they want as soon as they walk up to it. The main thing you can do is make it tidy and presentable. Tidy the garden; a bit of strimming and hedge trimming and weeding the driveway or path can make a huge difference. Think of it as laying out a green carpet instead of a red one for the tenants.

    The same goes for the inside of the property, take some time to tidy, dress and stage the scene, we can help you with this if you aren’t sure or are letting from a distance. It’s not a big job to move clutter off work surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. Tidy the lounge, make the beds, vacuum and dust – simple things which can make the difference between a let and not.

    If you need to fix things such as decorating then go for neutrals and if you are wallpapering avoid anything too trendy, brash and avoid ‘Anaglypta’ style wallpapers. Replace failed bulbs and don’t forget if you have any electrical equipment it will have to be tested show it is safe.

    These things will not only reflect on the price you get but also the quality of tenant.


    Why use Reside to manage your property?

    In a word, experience. Whatever level of service you require from an agency we can provide it and have provided it for hundreds of satisfied clients. We are able to provide a full and professional service whether you are a first time landlord or have a portfolio of properties.

    We can effectively market your property using a multi-channel approach, to make sure that no matter what the current market is like, you get a quick let at the best market rate, with no hassle.

    All our staff are professionals in letting and so can deal with all the paperwork, legal stuff and anything that arise during the tenancy.

    If you are thinking of letting a property please give us a call to discuss how we can help. Alternatively click here to find out a little more.

    Get the Reside effect working on your property now!

  • Top 5 quick fixes to make your house more saleable

    Before you start selling your house on the market there are many, often simple, changes and fixes you can make to increase the saleablity of your property. Often these are things with which you may have lived for years, always just about to get around to, and they can increase the chance of selling your house.

    The following are five quick fixes that you could complete in a couple of days, with minimum expense for the most part. Not only will these give your house more kerb appeal they may add value as well.

    Let’s start outside as these are the things that prospective buyers will see first when they turn up to view.

    Often gardens get overlooked when you are coming to sell your house, especially if you are selling during autumn or winter. Even a quick run over with a lawn mower, getting the hedge trimmer and the strimmer out can pay dividends. First impressions count.

    Whilst we outside dirty windows can be really off-putting, not only do they suggest the house has been neglected but they also make the interior darker, Light bright rooms are a big turn on for buyers, more critical during the darker months. If the windows are too much for you find a local window cleaner – we can help you there as we have a bank of reliable, trustworthy tradespeople.

    People look down when they walk or when they enter somewhere unknown, this means they look straight down at your floor. If your carpet is stained or worn – maybe you have pets or teenage boys [they’re much the same when it comes to making a mess] – then your first port of call is a local carpet cleaners. If they can’t help you then replacing the carpet will help create a great impression.

    Wall coverings
    Again nothing is more off putting yet easy to fix than peeling wallpaper and cracked or dirty wall tiles. No one is suggesting you should redecorate from top to bottom but repairing peeling paper or damaged tiles can increase the appeal of your property. If you do repaper choose something fairly simple and not too trendy. Consider repainting instead of papering and paint in neutral colours.

    If your tiles are looking a bit past their best it’s often down to the grouting. It’s a fairly simple task to re-grout and can really lift old tiles. If you need to replace some then it maybe time to get a professional in but it will pay dividends when selling your house.

    In our modern busy lives the kitchen is often the hub of the household. It’s where we meet, eat and often socialise, so it is definitely the one room that needs to be immaculate. This doesn’t mean you have to replace the units and work surfaces. It is the chance to declutter, tidy and do a little staging [we can help you with that] to make the best impression. If the units are looking a little tired they can often be spruced up by new handles of a lick of paint, easy jobs to really lift your house.
    As we said they’re not particularly big jobs nor are they too expensive but they will make your house more presentable and lift the chances of quick and profitable sale.

    If you are looking to sell or rent your property, give us a call or click here for a free and professional appraisal and valuation of your house.

    Give your house the Reside Effect.

  • Welcome to our new blog

    Hi and welcome to our new blog and news pages. Here you can find out new properties, information on selling and letting your property, state of the market, mortgage advice. In short all the advice and information you need if you are thinking of buying, selling or letting a property in the Rochdale area.

    Each week myself and my team will be posting articles and information we know will be useful to you. We will also be posting on Twitter and Facebook for the faster moving stuff such as ‘Property of the day’ or recent successful sales.
    With the market every changing with Brexit and record low interest rates now, more than ever, it is important for buyer’s, sellers and landlords to have the latest information to hand. Here we will make sure you have all the relevant information without some of the nonsense that so often goes with it in the press.

    Don’t forget that in this age of social media where we Tweet and Facebook and Instagram you can still give us a call or pop-in for a chat and a coffee.

    So if you’re in the market to sell or let please give us a call and find out what the Reside effect can do for your property.