Planning to Downsize

Planning out the implications of your move in detail is vital to seeing the full picture. Downsizing often releases equity, and a plan for your pennies will give you a goal.

Our article, “Planning to downsize?” explains more. Read it here:

The secrets of downsizing seamlessly to your new home

Are you starting to feel like you’re rattling around in a house that’s too big for you? Is it consuming much more of your time, effort and money than you want it to?

Do you have your heart set on being closer to family? Have you always dreamed of that coastal hideaway or a chocolate box cottage in the countryside?

Now is the time to move on to the next chapter in your life.

When it’s time to start thinking about making changes to your lifestyle, your home may well be your most valuable asset. It is vital that you realise its financial potential.

Now is the time to downsize.

Downsizing is a real step forward; a positive move, full of options and opportunity. A new chapter.

So how do you decide when the time is right to start that new chapter? You may like to ask yourself a few key questions before making the final decision to move on:

Plan your finances to determine the price you need and also want from your sale

Draw up a wish-list and a must-have list for your next home then start the search

Decide on a date to put your home on the market

Think about any renovations that may need to be done before you sell

Arrange a consultation with Reside Estate Agency, then discuss with us what will work best for you.

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